Carburetor Rebuild

So, you’ve decided that you want to refurbish that old carburetor. The first thing everybody wants to know is… much. Well, look, I can’t honestly tell you how much it’s going to cost and I’m not going to try. There are literally hundreds of models of carburetors out there. Some are easy to get parts for, some you have to make parts for. Some are so simple I can do them in a couple hours. Some are so complex and intricate it takes a couple of days. There is an abundance of problems you can run into along the way such as stripped or broken off screws, nozzles that need to be drilled out, etc. All of which will influence the final price. I won’t be backed into a corner by telling you how much it’s going to be. You send the carburetor to me and I’ll clean it and inspect it, then report to you what I think needs to be done along with a quote and we'll go from there. Click here to get started.

Note to Walbro LME, LMH, LMG owners. Click here.